12 Cute Dog Videos That Will Melt Your Heart!



12. This cute puppy is done with playtime, but can’t quite get out of his pool! 

11. This puppy loves to play peekaboo – and with a face like that, can you blame him?!

10. This kitty cat has dreams of going to dental school but her doggy bud is NOT having it!

9. Meanwhile, this adorable cat has decided to give her pug friend a massage…

8. Sometime it’s hard being a very pretty shiba inu, and you just don’t want anymore smooches!

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7. Here’s a pug having the most adorable identity crisis – EVER!

6. Waking up is hard to do when you’re just a little puppy!!! 

5. This pug is adorably devastated that her owner thinks she wanted to be a unicorn. (She wanted to be a princess, you guys!)

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 4. These corgis know that it’s best to have a workout plan!

3. And this puppy needs to take a power nap – BRB.

2. This little furball is failing out of culinary school…

1. And, finally, this cat deserves an Academy Award for her acting skills!

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