3 Reasons To Go Grain Free



 1. Our fluffy friend was once a meat­‐eating wolf

It may be hard to believe when you look at that lovable ball of fluff, but dogs are direct decedents of wolves. Canines are carnivores and a protein-based diet free of grains more closely mimics a dog’s ancestral  beginnings. Grain­‐free formulas contain more meat­‐based protein, as well as easy­‐to­‐digest animal fats.


2. Being Itchy Stinks

Some dogs are allergic to grains like corn and wheat, which can cause constant scratching and fur chewing. Choosing a grain-free diet can help lessen food allergies and optimize digestion. Some dogs gain immediate relief when switching to a grain-free food, which could save you money on vet bills and prescriptions.



3. It’s Affordable

In previous years the words affordable and grain-free were never used together, but thanks to companies like Diamond Pet Foods, there are now affordable grain-free options in the pet food aisle. Diamond Naturals Grain-Free is one of the newest options to hit shelves this year and features a price tag that won’t break the bank.

Diamond Naturals Grain-Free not only offersw an affordable price tag, it also will save you dollars by feeding your pet less. Grain-free diets often have more concentrated energy. Higher levels of protein and fat allow you to feed less quantity, saving money and fueling your pet for all day fun. 

Diamond Naturals Grain-Free offers three protein-rich dry dog food formulas, each featuring a trusted meat source as the primary ingredient.

Formulas include:

If your domestic dog is craving his ancestral roots, has an itch he can’t scratch, or wants you to have more money for toys and treats, then it’s the perfect time to go grain-free!

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