4 Goals for Long-term Cat Health Nutrition!



From the time they’re kittens until they’re mature, cats’ nutritional needs are constantly changing. Your cat’s health matters, and that’s why it’s very important to consistently provide good nutrition throughout your cat’s life!

Kitten nutrition is designed specifically to provide maximum support during the first weeks of life, but cats’ need change as they grow older!

Kitten formulas should contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for proper skeletal development, as well as antioxidants capable of supporting natural defenses and EPA and DHA for proper central nervous system development.

As your cat grows, it’s important to consider lifestyle, sensitivities and age when it comes to choosing the right nutrition. Once you find a Royal Canin Formula that works for you and your cat, stick with it! Switching brands too frequently can become problematic – it’s better to find a brand that will work for your cat throughout his or her life, like Royal Canin!

Remember: Consistency is key when it comes to the overall health of your cat. 

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition™ and Feline Breed Nutrition™ provide nutritional support through every stage of your cat’s life, so be sure to find a formula that suits your cat, and then stick with it.

Whether you have a kitten, adult or mature cat, Royal Canin has a nutritional solution that fits your cat’s needs perfectly!

4 Goals for Long-Term Cat Health Nutrition:

#1. Body Development & Maintenance: Amino acids, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids meet the basic nutrition requirements for healthy physical development and maintenance.

#2. Energy Provision: Protein, carbohydrates and fat provide plenty of energy.

#3 Prevention: The best antioxidants, prebiotics, fiber and essential fatty acids help address kidney issues, digestive problems, the effects of aging and other common health issues. 

#4. Special Care: Very specific nutrients can be limited or added in certain formulations in order to help cats recover from particular health issues. 

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What variety of Royal Canin Food is best for your cat? If you have ANY questions, please tell us about your cat in the COMMENTS and we’re happy to make a suggestion! 



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