5 Dog Safety Tips for Kids




Dogs can teach kids about compassion and friendship, but before you let your beloved baby play with doggies, it’s important to go over some essential Dog Safety Tips! No dog wants to hurt a child, but sometimes, when provoked, their instincts kick in. Very bad accidents are totally preventable if you teach your child the following 5 dog safety tips. 

1. Ask Permission

Never ever approach a dog who is tied up, no matter how friendly he looks! Many dogs are rescues who were treated poorly, and are fearful of humans. From sight alone, you can’t tell whether or not a rescue dog needs behavioral therapy, so it’s always best to stay away from dogs who don’t have an owner by their side. If the owner is with the dog, always ask her if her dog is friendly before approaching. After all, dog parents know their pups best!

2. No Hugs Allowed

Believe it or not, most dogs don’t like to be hugged. They see this behavior as dominating and it can make them incredibly defensive. It’s important to teach your children from a young age that a dog is very different than a stuffed animal. No matter how snuggly he may look, he doesn’t like to be squeezed! 

3. Don’t Tug

Kids should never be allowed to tug on a dog’s ears or tail. Even the most well-behaved dogs have a breaking point, and these areas are particularly sensitive!

4. Don’t Play Like You’re Prey

Running away from a dog makes that dog think that you want to be chased! When children run from dogs, the dog may think the child wants to play in the same way dogs at the dog park want to play. Dogs may potentially hurt kids when they’re just attempting to play. Remind your children to remain calm and quiet around pups so as not to alarm them. Rewarding dogs who are well-behaved around kids is also very important!  CLICK HERE to see some treats that are as low as $0.99! 

5. Pet the Right Way!

There is a right way to pet a dog! Don’t approach a dog from behind. Make sure the pup sees you before you begin petting him. If you’re petting a dog you don’t know, remember to always ask that dog’s owner first. Once you have permission to pet, pet the dog lightly from the back of his head down to his lower back, in slow, smooth strokes. If the pup you’re petting wants a belly rub, he’ll show you his tummy for sure! 

By following these 5 dog safety tips for kids, you’ll feel confident that your child learns how to interact with animals the right way! Would you add any more tips to this list? How do you teach your kids about dog safety? Please LIKE and COMMENT and let us know!




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