5 Fun Facts About Kittens!



1.  Kittens and Cats are faster than humans!

When your kitten grows up, she’ll be able to run at 30 MPH! The current world record sprinter can only run at 27 MPH. Too bad your kitten can’t enter the Olympics!

2. Your kitten can see in the dark!

Your kitten can see at one-sixth the light level required for humans.

3. Your kitten’s front paws have FIVE toes while her back paws have FOUR toes…

Unless she’s a “polydactyl” which means she has extra toes! This is not unusual, so don’t be alarmed if your kitty has some extra toes. In fact, this condition is so common in Boston, Massachusetts that people refer to 8 toed cats as “Boston Thumb Cats.”

4. Kittens use their whiskers to guage whether or not they can fit through small openings!

How cool is that? Also, kittens and cats have a collarbone that’s detached from their skeletal structure and surrounded in muscle. This allows them to squeeze their body into the tiniest of spaces.

5. Kittens grow very quickly!

Since kittens grow very quickly and go through two stages of growth before adulthood – babycat and kitten – they need a specific diet in each stage that meets all their basic needs in order to strengthen their immune systems, promote proper neurosensory development and facilitate bone growth.

Although cats are carnivores, their diet may contain high-quality carbohydrates to provide energy for easier digestion to help prevent stomach upset.

Kitten formulas should also contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for proper skeletal development, as well as antioxidants capable of supporting natural defenses and EPA and DHA for proper central nervous system development.

Royal Canin kitten formulas address the very specific needs of the growing kitten who has been spayed or neutered.


Spay/Neuter are common procedures that have the potential to change a cat’s life. Besides eradicating pet overpopulation and a million other pet issues that I won’t get started on, these simple operations have been linked to several life-changing benefits, including longer life expectancy, preventing unwanted litters, a friendlier demeanor toward other pets and humans, and less fighting.

However, the same hormonal changes that lead to all of these benefits for Spayed/Neutered cats can also cause energy requirements to drop by 30% and appetite to increase by 20% within the first 48 hours after surgery and well into the cat’s life.

In other words, Spayed/Neutered cats have big appetites, but not so big energy needs…so Royal Canin created a special formula just for these kitties!!! Click here to try it!

This combo has a tendency to lead to weight gain obviously. In fact, Spayed/Neutered cats are 3.4 times more likely than other cats to be overweight.

Controlled fat levels in Royal Canin’s dry kitten food help maintain a healthy weight while added protein, antioxidants and prebiotics help growing kittens thrive.

Has your kitten been spayed or neutered? What will you be feeding your kitten? Tell us in the COMMENTS – we love to hear from loving cat parents!



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