5 Tips for Including your Pet in your Wedding!



Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so of course you want your furry best friend to be beside you! Here are some awesome ways you can work your dog or cat into your nuptials.

1. Make sure your pet is allowed at your wedding!

Many wedding venues do not allows dogs or cats – be sure to check with your wedding planner or the manager of the site of your wedding to find out if your pet is allowed to join in the ceremony. 

If your dog or cat can’t attend your wedding, consider involving them in your Engagement Photos or your Save The Date Announcements… 

Just look at these adorable examples! 

Some couples add their pet into the foreground of the photo and leave the background blurry, giving their engagement announcements a quirky quality that makes us want to giggle. LOL! 

2. Take plenty of pictures of you and your cat or dog on your wedding day!

You’ll want to remember that you involved your fur baby in your special day years for years to come. Make sure to take cute, posed photos with your cuddly cat or adorable dog of honor!

Remember to tell your wedding photographer that you plan on involving your pet. It’s also a good idea to bring along a lint roller to keep pesky stray hairs off of your wedding dress or suit! CLICK HERE to order our cute bone lint roller! 

If your wedding is black-tie, we can help you with your pup’s tux…

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3.  Forget boring old flowers and opt for a furry, fabulous bouquet

What could be better than walking down the isle with your pet? Save money by ditching a traditional bouquet and carry your pet instead.

 Is your dog too large to hold, or are you afraid of him or her having a little accident on your wedding gown? A beautiful floral leash is a great idea for brides who want to bring their pet down the isle without worrying about making a mess of their dress.

4. Infuse your wedding favors with animal flair! 

Guests will love that you’ve involved your pet in your wedding, and it’s great to give them something to remember their fantastic experience at the end of the night.

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 5. Keep it classy – don’t go overboard.

Remember, this is your wedding, not your doggy’s…

…and we love cats as much as the next guy but this crosses the line!

Have you even been to a wedding involving the bride or groom’s pets? How was it? Or, did YOU involve your pretty kitty or dapper dog in YOUR wedding? Click LIKE and tell us about it in the comments – we can’t wait to hear your stories!



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