A Commitment to Food Safety




No matter what we choose to feed our pets, it’s important to choose a brand that we can trust. Pet food safety is a popular topic these days but as pet parents, it has always been top of mind.

At Diamond Pet Foods, pet food safety is always top of mind. That’s because Diamond is a family-owned and privately held company that only makes products they would be proud to feed to their own pets. Their formulas include safe, high quality ingredients at an affordable price. They even make an affordable grain- free formula. 

The Diamond Pet Foods facilities incorporate the latest technology and manufacturing processes. Every step of the process is carefully monitored, tracked and measured to ensure the quality and safety of every product made. Through these rigorous processes, Diamond Pet Foods has developed a comprehensive food safety system. The following are other ways Diamond is ensuring our pet’s food is safe:

• 1,300+ microbiological tests per week
• 180 oxidative stability tests on fats and oils per month
• 6,000+ ingredient nutritional tests per month
• 45,000+ finished product nutritional tests per month
• 18+ hours of employee safety training per employee per year
• 600+ safety assessments per year
• Clean water and air quality in every facility through HEPA® air filters

Diamond formulas are made in the USA. They have four manufacturing facilities, all located in the U.S., one in Missouri and South Carolina, and two in California.

Choosing a formula made by Diamond Pet Foods ensures a nutritious, safe and affordable meal for your pet.

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