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Heath Tips from My Puppy
By: Nadya Andreeva

Have you ever noticed how happy and peaceful dogs and cats seem to be, compared to most people? Of course they have fewer responsibilities than we do, but even in the most challenging situations, pets don’t seem to give in to stress as much as we do. (Well, at least most of the time – some things such as an empty food bowl can get them pretty upset!  That’s where my friends at PetFlow help!)

A healthy puppy is a perfect example of a content, compassionate, loving creature and while we do teach our dogs to bring a ball and bark on command, we actually have quite a few things to learn from them too! They can teach us how to slow down in the most hectic moments, how to reduce anxiety, and feel less stressed on a daily basis.

I had a heart-to-heart chat with my 9 year old zen-like dog Ruby. Below is her message to us, stressed-out humans:

Stretch. Downdog and updog are among the most frequently done yoga poses for a reason. They work and stretch most muscles and joints in the body. If you are not familiar with yoga, start by copying your dog’s morning stretches. Updog and downdog pic. Do them as soon as you wake up or anytime you feel tired. Stay in each pose for 5 breaths.

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Poop before you eat. Sorry to be so direct but unless your follow this simple rule you are packing up some serious toxins in your body. Digestion is a cornerstone of health. (Link) Sip a glass of warm water with lemon as soon as you wake up and sit quietly for 5 minutes observing your breath. Focus on letting your belly expand with every inhale and press it into your spine with an exhale. This simple exercise will increase blood circulation to the digestive and elimination systems and stimulate a healthy morning bowel movement.

Play. Yes, you do need to play and move to be happy and healthy. Endorphins or happiness hormones are released during cardio and intense stretching. If a treadmill doesn’t sound too attractive, go for a fast walk with your pet. It’ll keep both of you in shape and happy.

Rest. Have you noticed how much your dog sleeps? It always surprises me that Ruby is asleep cuddling her toy for most of the day. We humans don’t have the luxury of spending the entire day in bed but sleep is still essential to maintain proper functioning of our internal organs. Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep and make it a priority.

Eat when hungry, don’t eat when sick. Most animals follow this simple rule to provide energy for their body to deal with disease. Digestion, surprisingly, takes up a lot of energy resources that your body might need to recruit when trying to fight an infection. If fasting sounds too intense, then try keeping your food really light when you are sick. Stick to warm soups, soft grains, and steamed veggies. Your body will recover a lot faster and you will need fewer pills!

Share the love. Your dog happily jumps at you, licks you, looks at you like you carry the key to the universal happiness every time she sees you, even if you were gone for just 5 minutes. Doesn’t it make you happy? For me ruby’s show of love makes me want to hug and kiss her back. It gives me a boost of new energy. Same thing works with people. I am not saying that the next time you see your friend you should start licking them from head to toe but an extra smile and an honest compliment will certainly be appreciated. Smiles have an amazing effect even on strangers! Try to smile to a stranger today :).

Learn how to be happy and healthy from your pet and don’t forget to pay back for his wisdom by feeding him the healthiest diet you can. Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to visit my friends at

Nadya Andreeva

Nadya Andreeva

A happy yogi Nadya

Nadya is a yoga instructor and an ayurveda enthusiast living and working in New York City. Nadya maintains a weekly blog about yoga and ayurveda Real Yoga NYC. The blog provides easy to implement tips on healthy lifestyle, yoga, diet, stress-reduction, and weight loss. Nadya holds an MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from NYU and is passionate about bringing yoga and ayurveda knowledge into the world. Visit Real Yoga NYC now!


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