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I Never Imagined That A Wild Animal Can Be This Friendly! I Can't Stop Smiling!

I’ve never seen anything like this. The animal in this video is a “Wombat” and his name is Douglas. He is an orphan that was taken care of at a school camp near Tallangatta in Victoria, Australia. The video is 3 years old and Douglas was just a little baby here. He’s such a loving and friendly creature, we wonder what happened to him! Wombats are not supposed to be friendly to humans, I love this! Please SHARE with friends and family!

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I've *NEVER* Seen A Dog With This Much Patience! Have You?

Oscar the Boston Terrier laying in a pile of Milk Bone dog treats! From Video Description: I did this for a photoshoot and people didn’t believe it was real and that the picture was photoshopped. I did this video to show that it’s real and he doesn’t mind it at all. I was telling him ‘okay’ and he still didn’t want to move. Even after I gave him one of the treats and my chihuahua Sadie stole one from the pile, he wanted to stay where he was.