This Man Could Serve 55 Years In Prison For Animal Abuse. I Don't Think Its Enough!

A man charged with 11 counts of animal abuse is facing a prison sentence of as much as 55 years at five years for each count of abuse. He is currently being held for $500,000 of bail money. Attached to his bail is a surety of $5 million and, in addition, he was forced to relinquish his passport. Radoslaw Artur Czerkawski, a Polish immigrant, is also charged with misleading law enforcement officials. Czerkawski worked as a caretaker and was caring for a fellow Polish immigrant who was 95 years old and passed away on the same day the animal in question was found abused in the apartment Czerkawski and his patient had been living in. When officials came into remove the deceased patient’s body from the apartment they saw evidence of animal abuse.

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We Just Showed Our 95 Pound Pit Bull A 10 Week Old Kitten. Look At His Reaction.

If you’ve never witnessed love at first sight, you’re about to. People think that Pit Bulls are a “mean” type of dog. In fact, they’re banned in some countries and there’s been debate about banning Pit Bulls in some states and counties in the United States. If this video proves anything, it’s that Pit Bulls can be just as loving and friendly as any other breed of dog. Just watch the video below, and please SHARE it with other animal lovers! It’s so precious! All dogs deserve a chance!!

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This Little Angel Would Have Died Until This Hero Came Along! I'm So Thankful!

Beth heard a strange sound in the parking lot and rather than just ignoring it and driving home, she decided to help. Turns out, it was a tiny little hedgehog, trapped in a plastic cup! I’m so thankful she was there and was able to save him! Can you believe how cute he is? Remember everyone, if you throw out cans/cups without crushing them, animals can easily be stuck! Please SHARE this video to spread awareness! Thank you!!