Old War Vet And His 3-Year-Old Neighbor Have A Friendship That’ll Make You Cry.


There is a wonderful pair of best friends hanging out right now in Farmington, Minnesota. They are most likely riding their bikes or tractors together, talking about fishing, or playing in their much beloved tomato garden.

While they might seem like ordinary playmates on paper, Erling Kindem will soon be 90 and Emmett Rychner is only 3.

Although Erling and Emmett have been neighbors for Emmett’s entire life, his parents had very little interaction with Erling up until Emmett came along. In fact, his parents owned the home for nearly a decade and nothing more than pleasantries were exchanged between the two families. That is, until Emmett decided to take a sneak peek into Erling’s tomato garden. Since that fateful day, these two have been inseparable.

Now, just like the garden in which Erling tends, these two boys have created a beautiful friendship. Sadly, this captivating pair will be split up soon. The Rychner’s have decided to put their house on the market in search for a larger home and Erling’s children have finally convinced him to move into a condo in a senior housing facility.

Although these two will soon part, something tells me this friendship will live in the hearts of many.

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