Can spending less cost you more?



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We have told many of our customers that spending a little more money for a high quality pet food may actually result in bottom-line savings, and with this post, we would like to demonstrate how this is actually possible.

You see, when you purchase pet foods, you shouldn’t only look at the prices, but also at the feeding requirements of those foods.  Many brands that are sold at grocery stores simply have lower quality ingredients than those contained in higher-priced products that are available at your local pet store, or at and as a result, you will need to feed more of these products to satisfy your pet’s cravings – and the more you feed, the more it costs on a per-feeding basis.

If you’re feeding a grocery-store brand, we would suggest you take a look at the amount of food they suggest you feed your pets, and compare it, to Blue Buffalo for example:

Blue Buffalo Feeding Chart:

Blue Buffalo Feeding Chart

We did a quick comparison against a very popular grocery-store brand, and here are their feeding instructions:

1-12lb: 1 ½ – 1 ⅓ cups

13-20lb:  1 ⅓ – 2 cups

21-35lb: 2-3 cups

36-50lb: 3 – 3 ⅔ cups

51-75lb 3 ⅔ – 4 ¾ cups



So, lets say you have a 50lb dog… If you were feeding them a grocery store-bought product, you would have to feed almost 4 cups of food, however, if you were feeding Blue Buffalo, you would only have to feed your dog 2 ¾ cups, roughly 27% less food!  Now, a 30lb bag of Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food costs $49.99 at PetFlow, around 30% more than you’d spend for a grocery store brand, but considering you can feed your pets almost a 1/3rd less of this product, the per-feeding cost is about the same, but you’ll be feeding your pets quality ingredients.  The #1 ingredient in this product from Blue Buffalo is Deboned Chicken, not ground up corn as what you see in many lower quality products.

So, next time you’re considering which food you are going to feed your pets, don’t simply look at price.  Focus on feeding requirements as well as ingredients, they all make a huge difference in both the amount you’ll spend on feeding your pets as well as your vet bills!

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