Now This Cat Is Cultured!! I Definitely Have To Teach My Cat To Do This!!

I have to say, I am impressed! It’s not every day you see a cat eat from human utensils! And this cat looks like a natural. He is so sweet and well behaved! Now if only he could hold the chopsticks himself, now that would be unbelievable! I personally love eating with chopsticks, I get the feeling this little guy does, too! Make sure you have your sound on, the music is fun. SHARE this sweet clip with your friends and family!

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Ha! This Family Set Up A Hidden Camera To See What Their Cats Do. Look What Happened!

We have two cats, Milo (tabby) and Max (black). They are one year old brothers from the same litter. Milo is a big fan of the dry food, Max not so much. Despite the fact that their automatic feeder drops food 3 times daily (and we give them wet food several times per week as a special treat), Milo smashes into the feeder with his front paws 20-30 times each day in order to knock out some extra snacks. Max has never smashed the feeder.

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OMG! I Could Play With Him All Day! Have You Ever Seen Anything So Darling!?

Sometimes, it’s just the simple things in life that are the best. Take this newborn kitten, for example. I’ve never anything so tiny and cute in my entire life! Just watch this baby get cuddled and tickled! His little mouth can’t even fit around his dad’s finger! He’s a palm full of love. I could watch him play all day and listen to his baby noises! Share the sweetness with your family and friends today!