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We Just Showed Our 95 Pound Pit Bull A 10 Week Old Kitten. Look At His Reaction.

If you’ve never witnessed love at first sight, you’re about to. People think that Pit Bulls are a “mean” type of dog. In fact, they’re banned in some countries and there’s been debate about banning Pit Bulls in some states and counties in the United States. If this video proves anything, it’s that Pit Bulls can be just as loving and friendly as any other breed of dog. Just watch the video below, and please SHARE it with other animal lovers! It’s so precious! All dogs deserve a chance!!


Now This Cat Is Cultured!! I Definitely Have To Teach My Cat To Do This!!

I have to say, I am impressed! It’s not every day you see a cat eat from human utensils! And this cat looks like a natural. He is so sweet and well behaved! Now if only he could hold the chopsticks himself, now that would be unbelievable! I personally love eating with chopsticks, I get the feeling this little guy does, too! Make sure you have your sound on, the music is fun. SHARE this sweet clip with your friends and family!