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Is This Real? I've NEVER Seen A Cat Do This Before! WOW!


Everybody knows that cats love to jump around. For them, a living room isn’t just a cozy place, it is like a jungle that needs to be explored! I have seen cats climb to the highest places or the strangest little spots just for the thrill of it. Well, this cat is all too familiar with the ‘thrill’! In moves that put James Bond and Spiderman to shame, this cat sees the stairs as a new opportunity! He doesn’t travel conventionally, oh no, he sees the stairs as another domain to explore! I have NEVER seen a cat travel on stairs like this in my life! His moves defy gravity. The best part yet is that this big, fluffy white cat seems like the last type of cat that would attempt such serious moves! He seems more like the lazy, lay around and lick your paws and eat kind of creature!