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Oh No! This Kitten Was Stuck In A Tree, You'll Never Guess What Her Momma Did!

Let me start off by saying that I wish the person that filmed this put the camera down and did something to bring the kitten down. What’s remarkable though, is how brave this little kitten is, and how quickly he learned! When his momma climbed up in the tree to save him, he watched her come down and then was brave enough to do it on his own. I’m not quite sure what drives cats to climb up trees, but it’s great to see when they are returned back to earth in a safe way. What a brave little boy, we love you!!! Please SHARE this amazing story with friends and family.

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What THE?! You Won't Believe 'Home Depot Cat's' Crazy Story. Here's The Wacky Scoop!

Back in January 2014, a cat fittingly known as “Depot” gained national headlines when the Bluffton, South Carolina Home Depot store the cat lived in was threatening to kick him out in the cold.  That was not going to fly once the crazy cat lovers of the internet took control.  Now Depot is still living in the home and garden section of the store he’s been living in for 13 years now.  Imagine tha?! I’m happy this little kitty can finally rest easy at night… hopefully on a nice display hammock or comfy pile of bubble wrap. This cat probably has a pretty sweet life at Home Depot, don’t you think?!