An Abandoned Baby Deer Needed A Family. I Can't Believe Who She Found! What An Incredible Story!!

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I've *NEVER* Seen A Dog With This Much Patience! Have You?

Oscar the Boston Terrier laying in a pile of Milk Bone dog treats! From Video Description: I did this for a photoshoot and people didn’t believe it was real and that the picture was photoshopped. I did this video to show that it’s real and he doesn’t mind it at all. I was telling him ‘okay’ and he still didn’t want to move. Even after I gave him one of the treats and my chihuahua Sadie stole one from the pile, he wanted to stay where he was.


Ever Wonder If You're Feeding Your Dog The Right Food? Must See!

Internet pet forums are overloaded with questions from owners wondering what brand of dog food is best for their pet. With so many options out there, it is no wonder that pet owners are having a hard time making the right choice! When it comes to selecting your dog’s food, however, you don’t want to simply “pick” something – you want to make sure that the brand and formula you select will provide your dog with the balanced nutrition he needs to stay healthy and strong.


Awww This Is True Love! Look At What Happens When This Dog Jumps Into The Crib With Baby!

If this isn’t the happiest video then I don’t know what is! Not much else beats a baby bubbling with laughter, especially due to a happy Boston Terrier pup! Much to this baby’s delight, her puppy is bouncing off the walls and ending up in the crib. The wagging tongue hanging out of a big grin and the baby’s laughter says it all. I can’t get enough of this video! If you love it too, SHARE with your family and friends too!

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She Thought Her Dog Was Dead, But A Miracle Happened on LIVE TV! I'm So Relieved!

I immediately started crying when I saw what happened. A woman was talking to CBS News about her doing being missing after a horrible tornado struck her town, when all of a sudden, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something moving under the rubble. I am so relieved about what happened next! The world is full of miracles, and one happened that day. I’m going to hug my dog right now, I can’t imagine my life without her! Please SHARE this amazing moment with others.