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This Is The Most Popular Grandma On The Internet - I Love Grandma Betty!!

Grandma Betty is an Internet sensation! After her grandson started a social media account for her (an Instagram account, to be precise) to share her life story and her current battle with cancer, this lovable grandma started to be become very popular. Her sweet, energetic personality has made her one of the most famous grandmas on the Internet, and she has inspired thousands with her positive attitude while battling such a difficult disease.

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I've Always Wanted To Know How To Do This, And Now I Do! How To Fold A Fitted Sheet!!

Every single time I do laundry, there’s one item that I leave rolled up in a ball because I think it’s impossible to fold it. It’s not the end of the world, but I am a neat person, and it bothers me that it just sits there rolled up like a mess. I realize it’s a simple thing, but I was very excited when I ran across this video that shows clearly how to fold a fitted sheet, and after I tried it, it worked! Maybe it’s just me, but this is the kind of stuff I love learning on the internet

How about you?