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These Ducklings Want Their Mommy To Stay In The Room - Watch What They Do To Get Her Back!!

Every baby has a hard time when its mommy leaves it alone for the first few times, even if the baby is a duckling and the mommy is a human. These baby ducks, so fluffy and precious they could cuddle in the palm of your hand, begin a protest waiting for mom to return! I would love to babysit these ducklings, even if it’s only for the 3 minutes their mother is gone. It would be heaven!


These NYC Street Performers Had A Confrontation With A Cop. You Won't Believe What Happened!!

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So Apparently We've All Been Using Ketchup Cups Wrong - Check This Out.

Everyone loves ketchup. Even those of us that don’t put ketchup on our food anymore because we’re trying to avoid sugar, we still love good ol’ ketchup

I’ve never quite had a problem with using the ketchup cups that are provided at most fast food restaurants, but this little life hack is definitely a smart one! Check this out below, and try this out next time you (or your little ones) need a little ketchup on their fries!!