This Brilliant Mom Turns Her 2-Year-Old's Scribbles Into Works Of Art!


This artist mother came up with a brilliant way to co-create with her daughter. She describes the process on her Youtube page, and even includes TIME LAPSE video of the process…We’ve included one for you to watch at the bottom of this post, so be sure to scroll all the way down. “Now that my little girl is two years old, her interests in all things art has skyrocketed, especially when she sees me painting. As she gets older I look forward to collaborating with her on many projects, but until then I’ve decided to see what I can create with some of her many sketches…I try to work quickly and let imagination and play take root into the painting rather than taking it seriously, this way I encourage Eve’s contribution without making it to ‘grownup.’ As Pablo Picasso said, it can take a lifetime to paint like a child. I feel so blessed that my daughter can remind me again what it is to paint like a child by letting me see things through her eyes.” Please SHARE this creative collaboration with all of your friends!!