People will go to ALL LENGTHS to show how much they absolutely ADORE animals – even getting tattoos of their furry friends!

From full back pieces of their favorite felines…

…to oddly dressed cats, walking upright.

From somehow sinister puppy paws…

…to tattoos representing that they’re truly living the “pug” life.

But maybe your pug (or whatever pet you own) doesn’t need you to go to the extent of getting inked to show your devotion. There’s a better way! We think your pup or cat would be totally cool with you simply wearing a shirt that represents their breed.

It’s true – you can fuse your love for your pet with your personal style! PetFlow’s selection of apparel and jewelry for pet lovers satisfies your need to flaunt your devotion to your pet without the permanence of tattoo ink.

3D tee-shirt from hip brand The Mountain is a bold way to boast about your breed of dog or cat. Don’t worry if you don’t see your breed below – that’s just small portion of the cute faces we have available on these tees. Click HERE to see the 70+ Varieties we have in stock on our site!


We’re offering a discount to our AWESOME fans!

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If you’re looking for something even more subtle (and budget friendly) check out our cat and dog jewelry.

Our MEOW necklace is perfect for cat fanatics, and makes a great gift for the cat-obsessed lady in your life. For dog lovers, carries a sweet silver WOOF necklace as well…

Our Charming Paw Pendant - the ideal representation of devotion to all of our four-legged friends.


Kids and kids at heart love our trendy banded bracelet.   These flexible bracelets are super comfortable and available in both purple and blue, and allow you to show your affection for your dog, cat, or all of your pets.  Best of all?  They’re only $.99 on - way less expensive than any tattoo.

How do YOU show your devotion to your pet? Would you or do you have any tattoos of your dogs or cats? Like us on Facebook and comment or share a pic with us!


The Petflow Team

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