Fat Cats: Seriously, It Isn’t Funny!



If you love looking at cute pictures of cats on the internet, then you’ve probably seen many popular “fat cat” memes circulating lately…

Some of these images joke about fat cats consuming human food, while others mock overweight kitties who are too big for normal cat products.

Fat cats aren’t funny.  Feline obesity is a form of animal abuse.  Overweight cats often wind up in animal hospitals, on specialized, vet-supervised diets.

The fat cats pictured above are likely to suffer from some serious and painful conditions like IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and feline diabetes because they’re being given unhealthy food. Generic brand cat foods often use plant proteins like corn, soy, wheat and rice as filler proteins in their food because they’re less expensive than meat proteins. Cats can’t process these proteins – they were built by mother nature to get their nutrition from animal proteins, not grains. Carbohydrates upset feline blood sugar balance, so a grain free diet is ideal for cats who are a little chubby.

Clearly, the obese cats pictured above are also being fed way too much!  It’s essential to make sure you’re always feeding your cat the right portion of food. Vets agree that active adult cats only require about 30 calories per pound each day. Thus, the average 8-lb cat requires about 240 calories per day.

Cats have to eat whatever their human caregiver puts in their dish.  Furry felines are our most special friends, so we owe it to them to feed them a healthy diet.

Don’t forget – those caloric counts are based on the lifestyle of an active cat. Cats expend tons of energy when they play! Keeping your cat active is a great way to way for your pretty kitty to stay slim and trim. Be sure to stock your home with plenty of fun toys – a frisky feline is a healthy feline.

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What do you think about fat cats? Do you find the pictures funny or upsetting? Most importantly, how do you manage your cat’s weight?  Please leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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