Fat Dogs: A Huge Problem



Some people find fat dogs funny. Folks who are struggling with their own weight relate to chubby dogs. After all, who wouldn’t like to lose a few pounds?

Keep reading to find out about one of our favorite fat dog transformations!

It’s easy to poke fun at fat dogs who can’t keep their healthy shape…

Let’s face it: nobody wants to go on a diet!

Some people even act like dogs don’t understand or care about being fat…

But when you see pictures of morbidly obese dogs like the one below, you can tell that this is no laughing matter! Just look at the sadness in this poor dog’s eyes:

We must save these loving creatures. Obesity is an epidemic that’s sweeping the United States – and now we’re even making our pets fat.

53% of adult dogs in the United States are overweight. If you think that’s unacceptable – like we do here at PetFlow – please read on.

Dogs don’t get to pick what they eat. As a dog owner, you’re responsible for managing your pup’s diet and exercise. Dogs get fat when they’re fed unhealthy foods (including “people” food), and when they’re given too many treats. Also, as with humans, regular exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy weight. 

For a limited time, we’re offering specials on some of our favorite items that can help get your pup fit for the fall!

Feeding Your Dog

A great way to curb over-eating is to SLOW YOUR PET DOWN! When your doggy eats at a slower pace rather than gobbling up his kibble in five seconds flat, he’ll feel full faster. The Whoa Buddy Bowl is available for our lowest price ever – $2.99!!! It also helps your dog avoid choking, vomiting, gas, and the risk of dangerous bloat.

Exercise is Important!!

CLICK to get our LED Power Leash – only $5.99. Doggies require a minimum of two fifteen minute walks a day. And, remember, that’s the MINIMUM! At PetFlow, we recommend taking your dog out more often if he needs to lose some blubber. If you work during the daytime, you’ll probably need to take your dog out at night. Our LED Power Leash will keep your pup safe and visible on nightly walks.

Lucky enough to have a large, enclosed yard? Our LED Bone Pet Safety Lights are only $1.39. Feel safe giving your dog some extra time outside in the evening when you clip one of these fun lights onto his collar!

These clip-on bone lights can also be attached to your doggy’s existing harness and leash!

With a modified, healthy diet and regular exercise, a dog can lose weight. Just look at Obie the Obese Dachshund. Grossly overfed by previous owners, he became an International Celebrity for being so fat. Fortunately for Obie, he then became even more famous for dropping a whopping 49 lbs when he was adopted by a loving owner who used increased exercise along with a healthy diet (and a slow feed bowl) to help Obie transform – just look at his amazing results:

Want to learn more about Obie? Watch this CNN report on his journey ~ CLICK HERE. How do you keep your dog fit? Please SHARE this blog with friends to help raise awareness about this important canine health issue!!!


The PetFlow Team

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