Four Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog



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Like most people, we’re HUGE dog lovers over here at! As pet owners, we not only take great joy from our pets – we also have learned some great life lessons from them. Here are four great life lessons we’ve learned from our canine furbabies:

Greet Every Day (and Everyone!) With Joy
When it comes to expressing joy, dogs are, well, top dog. Whether they’re just waking up,heading off to bed, or getting ready to go on a
journey on foot or via car, dogs express nonstop excitement at what lays ahead. Our canine pals are also great at greeting their friends with a smile! Add some positivity to your day by adopting a dog-like outlook towards everything you do (no, we don’t mean you should start sniffing the rear end of everyone you meet). Start and end your day with joy, greet everybody you meet with a smile and excitement to match, and tackle each new task with unbridled enthusiasm. Who knows – perhaps dogs really do hold the secret to eternal happiness!

Healthy Food = Healthy Life
Anybody who has switched their pup from high grain kibble to a quality, high-protein food can attest to the fact that eating healthy makes all of the difference in the world. No matter the brand, a high-quality, high-protein food will even decrease the amount of food your dog eats. Think of it this way: high-grain kibble are to dogs what Cheetos are to humans. They’re delicious, you could absolutely live on them (and to some of us, an all-Cheetos diet sounds like a dream come true… mmm….), but unfortunately, you just won’t feel as good on such a diet. Why not switch up your - and your dog’s – diet – and see how much better you both feel? You’ll both be ready for extra walks in no time!

Exercise = Happiness
Dogs are at their happiest when they’ve just been for a great walk or jog in the park. Haveyou ever seen a dog that’s not absolutely blissful after a good bout of exercise? I think not! Need an endorphin boost? Do like your four-legged friend and partake in a brisk walk! Better yet – take Fido along with you. Trust me: you’ll both be just a bit happier in no time!

Take Time To Play!
There’s nothing our canine pals love more than a good game of catch (OK, except perhaps walks…). No matter their age, dogs are always up for some play time! Why not take some time out of your day to do something playful that brings you joy? Whether its partaking in a game of baseball, going for a swim with your children or even baking up some brownies, playtime is essential to a happy life! If you’re really feeling extra-nice, we suggest playing ball with your pup, taking him to the beach, or even baking him some homemade treats. Just sayin’.

These are just a few of the many things our four legged friends can teach us about life, health and happiness!
What has your dog taught you about life? Share with us in the comments below!

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