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The French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue is dedicated to providing a last chance to all homeless French Bulldogs, including those who are not welcome in other rescue groups because of perceived flaws of temperament. Not only do they rescue, rehabilitate and re-home as many French Bulldogs as they can, they also provide community education opportunities to ensure all the adopted pets get the best treatment possible.

“With that growing popularity of the French Bulldog as increase in the number of French Bulldogs shunted off into rescue, in numbers so alarming that the French Bulldog rescue groups are finding themselves faced with the horrifying necessity of having to turn dogs away for lack of room, lack of resources, lack of prospective homes.  The first group to have the door slammed in their faces were the French Bulldogs who were deemed to be too “difficult” to place, dogs too frightened, too poorly socialized, too distrustful, too dangerous, to find their way safely from the confusion and despair of homelessness to the sanctuary of rescue.”

For every donation of food or toys that you make, PetFlow will donate 10% in cash so that doggies can also have access to vet care and medicine as well as food and supplies.

The French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue strives to provide the best possible care for every animal in their charge, but times are tough. PetFlow has partnered with them in order to help these french bulldogs in need, and we hope you can help in whatever way you can!

We’ve created a special promotion because we want to get the animals at The French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue the supplies they urgently need – so please make selections from the”wish list” below and use code: RESCUE39 when you check out. This code will give you free shipping on orders over $39, and will also prompt us to expedite your gift so the animals at The French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue get their supplies ASAP.

Please order the products directly from PetFlow, and use the following “SHIP TO” address. You will receive a tax deductible receipt for every single donation made.

French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue
105 West King St
Waynesboro PA  17268


The French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue Wish List – CLICK on the links below to order!

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Remember, for every donation, PetFlow will donate 10% of the cash value of your order!

Check out these pictures of the pets you’ll be helping:

“We try to take in all French Bulldogs that need us, but we are drawn to the ones on their last leg, that seemingly no one wants. We want to show them that there is always a chance to enjoy left as a rescue.”

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