How Do I Know If My Pet’s Food Is Safe?



So far this year, the FDA has recalled over 30 different pet foods! How UNBELIEVABLE is that?

Safe, nutritionally balanced pet food isn’t always easy to come by, but one awesome company, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, is taking special steps to ensure they’re giving your fur-baby the very best.

Dog and Cat food is very much like infant formula as it relates to quality and safety, because it’s the sole source of nutrition. So, to be extra careful, Hill’s models its quality assurance programs after human foods! “Safety First” is their promise to you. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF THEIR AWESOME CAT AND DOG FOOD!

Kostas Kontopanos, President of Hill’s Pet Nutrition USA, gave some insight on what sets Hill’s Pet Nutrition apart from other kinds of pet foods:

“As a mission-driven company, our employees are dedicated to enriching and lengthening the special relationships between people and their pets. We do this by manufacturing high-quality, nutritious pet foods. This commitment to values is demonstrated every day by the pride and care that is taken in every step of the manufacturing process, as well as the high quality standards that we set and meticulously follow to make sure our products deliver precisely balanced nutrition for your pets.”

How does Hill’s Pet Nutrition Ensure Quality and Safety?

More than 150 veterinarians, food scientists, technicians and PhD nutritionists at Hill’s develop Science Diet, Ideal Balance, and Prescription Diet brand pet foods to meet the needs of your pet.

“Even before ingredients arrive at our plants, all of our suppliers are subject to strict quality standards and frequent inspections to ensure our products are made from the very best ingredients,” said Diane Loiselle, Vice President of Product Safety, Regulatory & Quality at Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

The ingredients in Hill’s Pet Foods are subject to a range of intense testing to protect your pet and give you peace of mind! Hill’s only buys the ingredients for their pet foods from suppliers whose facilities meet stringent raw material quality standards. This means literally every single ingredient is checked before it goes into your kitty or doggy’s dinner!

For customers in the USA, Hill’s manufactures 100% of their dry pet food in their own plants.

Hill’s standard is zero tolerance of micro-contaminants which cause food-related illness in both PEOPLE and PETS – this is the same standard that exists today for human food!

  • Quality samples are taken during manufacturing every 30 minutes and tested for key attributes to ensure consistency
  • More than 60 quality checks are performed on each batch
  • Strict sourcing and production processes to ensure premium products
  • Products manufactured to a fixed nutrient formula
  • Manufacturing plants are inspected by Hill’s Quality team and many government agencies

All finished dog and cat food is physically inspected and tested for key nutrients before it leaves Hill’s plant! You can be sure your pet gets a consistent, well-balanced meal, bag to bag. Hill’s provides consumers with a 100% guarantee for quality, consistency and taste! 

How do you make sure your dog’s food is safe? COMMENT and tell us about it :)


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