How To Care For Your Yorkshire Terrier



Yorkshire Terrier puppy owners know that great things come in small packages!  But did you know that your little bundle of joy also has very specific needs based on his size and breed?

Yorkie puppies grow quickly over a short period of time. Throughout their lifetime, Yorkies can be picky eaters.  Finding nutrition with high palatability is important to ensure your Yorkie’s acceptance of food.  It’s also important to find a food that supports healthy and gentle digestion since the digestive tract of a puppy is not fully developed.  Consider Royal Canin® Yorkshire Terrier 29™, nutrition formulated for the specific needs of a Yorkie puppy.

Photograph courtesy of Frederic Duhayer

As your Yorkie grows, here are some other things to consider to make sure he gets the best care and nutrition:

  • Check with your veterinarian to ensure your puppy is kept up to date on his vaccinations.
  • Good health starts with good nutrition but good hygiene is also a very important part of preventative health care for your puppy. Caring for your puppy’s ears, eyes and parasite prevention are elements that contribute to your puppy’s good health.
  • The adult size and weight of any puppy can be predicted after two visits to a veterinarian (around three months and five months).  In fact, your small breed puppy reaches half of his adult weight by the age of three months. Your vet may look at your puppy’s growth curve continually to track his development and to quickly detect any abnormalities.  During your visits, be sure to let your veterinarian know if your puppy’s eating habits change.
  • Ensure your puppy gets a lot of exercise.  Even small dogs like Yorkies should be taken for regular walks.
  • At only 10 months old, your Yorkie is now an adult dog.  Small dogs are fully grown by the age of 10 months and although he may still act like a puppy, your dog needs adult nutrition, like Royal Canin® Yorkshire Terrier 28™.

Do you have any other tips for caring for Yorkshire Terriers? We’d love to hear advice from real animal lovers in the comments!



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