I'm feeding ______, is it good?


We regularly get questions from our customers asking if the food that they’re feeding their pets is “any good.”  This is a difficult question to answer because many pet parents have been too conditioned by pretty television ads touting quality ingredients in many lower priced products.  So, rather than answering specific questions about specific brands, we’d like to point you to a site that we hold in high regard – Dog Food Advisor (and they’re soon launching Cat Food Advisor!)

We had the luxury to spend a little while on the phone with Mike Sagman, the owner of Dog Food Advisor – and it is rare to come across a more knowledgeable or caring individual.  Mike has spent literally hundreds of hours providing in-depth information on almost every brand, product and flavor, and we strongly suggest that you check out his site to read about the brand that you’re feeding your pets.

If it turns out that you’re feeding a high quality brand, then you can pat yourself on the back – and if not, we here at PetFlow.com are always ready to assist you in finding the right brand for your furry little ones!

So, visit Dog Food Advisor and as always, please visit us at http://www.PetFlow.com and use code BLOG to get FREE SHIPPING on any $59 orders!

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Dog Food Advisor

Dog Food Advisor

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