I’m In Tears! This Giraffe Did The Most Incredible Thing For His Dying Caretaker!!!


For the most of his life, a man known as Mario worked at a zoo in Holland, cleaning out the giraffes’ enclosure.  When Mario learned he was terminally ill with cancer, his dying wish was to say goodbye to the animals who he became so close with over the years.  In one of the most touching photos I’ve ever seen, one giraffe approached Mario as he lay in his portable hospital bed, and gave him a kiss….


They say some animals can sense illness and death in humans… It appears like this giraffe definitely knew this would be the last time he saw his loving friend.


A charity called the Ambulance Wish Foundation granted Mario’s wish to see the animals he cared for one last time.  Here, the ponies comfort him in his final days.


Mario, who was mentally disabled, said his last goodbyes to his colleagues at the zoo, where he spent most of his life.

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