Let’s Chat About Your Pets!



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We’ve made friends with so many wonderful pet owners, veterinarians and animal experts on Twitter, and we’d love to get everyone connected! Join us every Thursday at 11am CST for #FurChat and let’s get the conversation flowing.

How do I participate?

“Yesssh! I wuv me sum #FurChat!”

Each week we’ll present a new pet-related topic for discussion and ask 5-10 related questions in order to keep the conversation flowing. There will be a new question every 10 minutes.

Each question will be tweeted out via our Twitter handle, @petflow. In order to see other’s responses, simply search hashtag #FurChat on Twitter. Anytime you respond to a question, be sure to include this hashtag so others can see your answers and engage with you!

I’m in! Can I invite my pet-loving friends?

Absolutely – the more, the merrier! In addition, please feel free to RT each question so that your friends and followers can participate. Finally, although #FurChat is centered around the first Thursday of every month, we welcome you to use the hashtag anytime you have something you’d like to share with the #FurChat community!

Can I submit questions?

Absolutely – #FurChat is all about sharing advice and learning more about our pets. If you have a question you’d like to have asked during #FurChat, please submit it to: (don’t forget to include your Twitter handle!) and we’ll include it in the next applicable chat session.

We can’t wait to get chatting with you!

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Twitter is all about being social, and we think that a scheduled chat is the perfect forum for everyone to connect with each other, get advice, and meet new pet lovers. #FurChat will take place every Thursday at 11am CST / 12pm EST. To see what time that is in your part of the world, visit

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