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I Don't Know About You, But I Think This Is The Best Way To Get Around Town!

Forget hybrids, forget electric cars. For years, people relied on our trusted dogs to get around up north, and I’m sure you’ve seen a video or two of sled dogs happily pulling a sled behind them. There are even yearly competitions in Alaska! I bet you’ve never seen anything like this though. I would call this “new age” sledding! 4 well trained Pit Bulls, and a skateboarding pro on a skateboard! Pretty cool, wouldn’t you say?

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Seriously, This Has To Be The Luckiest Little Girl Ever! I Want To Trade Places With Her!

Video Description: The goats names are Romeo and Tulio. They were gifts to my daughters from their Grandma for Valentines day. They are bottle fed and love to be around us. If I could I’d potty train them and teach them to not eat my girls’ hair so they’d live inside! The dachshund is my sisters puppy, his name is Rusty. He thinks the goats are his babies. He loves to play with them and let me know when they are hungry.

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He Has No Arms And No Legs, And His Story Will Blow Your Mind. My Jaw Is On The Floor.

(WATCH VIDEO) – As Seen on OPRAH – Born in Australia without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic, now 30 years old, has become a symbol of triumph. After enduring years of torment and attempting suicide at age 10, Nick says, he had an awakening. Find out why Pastor Rick Warren says Nick is one of the best examples of winning the hand you’re dealt he’s ever encountered. How did Nick choose to make the most of his life? Watch and see.