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Every dog is different, and no single food is appropriate for all breeds. If your dog is a finicky eater, or if you have trouble managing your woofer’s weight, it may have something to do with his diet! Maybe you aren’t feeding him the proper food for his breed…

Royal Canin’s Breed Health Nutrition does an amazing job of addressing the unique needs of pure bred dogs. These gourmet foods use the best protein sources, unique nutrients, and tailor-made kibbles to cater to every doggy’s discerning palate and distinct nutritional needs.

Read on to learn more about what makes Royal Canin’s top six breed formulas so perfect for healthy, happy canines!

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever 30 Dry Dog Food

Nutrient Balance Since Labrador Retrievers are known for their super lush coats, Royal Canin infused their breed’s dry dog food with Omega 6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health! The nutrient balance of this formula is also geared toward weight management, since our lab friends are unfortunately prone to obesity. This formula also includes glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthy joints in case your fur-baby has a little extra meat on his bones. Even if a dog is just a bit overweight, this causes undue strain on his joints, so Royal Canin was sure to take this into consideration when creating their special Labrador Retriever food.

Kibble Shape Labrador Retrievers are known to gobble their food,, so Royal Canin’s Labrador kibble is donut-shaped, which helps slow their eating and also encourages pups to chew!

Royal Canin German Shephard 24 Dry Dog Food

Nutrient Balance German Shepherds may look tough, but they actually have very sensitive tummies! Royal Canin created an ultra-digestive dry dog food for this beautiful breed that has also been infused with Omega 3 fatty acids for a soft and silky coat.  Vitamin E has also been added to this recipe, which is great for overall cellular health, and helps keep active GSDs super energetic.

Kibble Shape Did you know that German Shepherds are at risk for a deadly condition called bloat, which can be brought on by eating too fast? To combat this, Royal Canin’s specialized German Shepherd kibbles are “X” shaped, which helps to slow down your doggy’s rate of consumption – no more gobbling!

Royal Canin Bulldog 24 Dry Dog Food

Nutrient Balance If you own a bulldog, you know that they’re adorable, but also extremely gassy! Egg and soy are both very digestible proteins, so they’ve been used to combat frequent flatulence. Omega 3 fatty acids in this special formula help to keep Bulldog’s wrinkly skin soft and supple.

Kibble Shape Everyone knows that Bulldog’s have flat little faces, but this cute breed feature can make it difficult for pups to eat. Royal Canin’s wave-shaped bulldog kibbles make this formula easier for hungry bullies to enjoy.

Royal Canin Dachshund 28 Dry Dog Food

Nutrient Balance Often called wiener dogs, the long frame of a doxie makes this breed susceptible to skeletal issues. Glucosamine and chondroitin have been added to this food to support bone and joint health. Little doggies like doxies tend to live longer lives, so the nutrient balance of Royal Canin’s Dachshund food contain aging care ingredients.

Kibble Shape The shape and texture of Royal Canin’s kibble is specially designed to encourage Dachshunds to chew their food. The texture of this one-of-a-kind kibble is such that it gently scrapes tartar from pup’s teeth, supporting dental health!

Royal Canin’s Yorkshire Terrier 28 Dry Dog Food

Nutrient Balance Yorkies are often finicky eaters, so Royal Canin worked hard to incorporate savory flavors and delicious aromas to stimulate even the weakest appetites! Since Yorkie’s have single strand coats, vitamins and minerals have been added to this formula to help keep your playful pooch’s hair super soft and silky.

Kibble Shape The kibbles in this special Yorkie formula are the perfect size for little jaws, and the texture of each morsel helps to gently remove tartar build up from tiny Yorkie teeth.

Royal Canin Boxer 26 Dry Dog Food

Nutrient Balance Boxers frequently have heart problems, so L-carnitine has been added to this formula to help heart muscles work efficiently. Since Boxers are such rambunctious dogs, this dry dog food also has a perfect balance of protein and fat so that your fur-baby will be able to run and play for as long as he likes!

Kibble Shape Royal Canin’s specialty kibble for Boxers is in an easy-to-grasp, wave-shape. This makes it easier for these flat-faced cuties to consume!

Royal Canin doesn’t merely just cater to these six dog breeds. A variety of breeds are represented by PetFlow’s selection of Royal Canin’s food – CLICK HERE to see them all!

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