SIZE MATTERS! Large Breeds, Specific Needs…



Read on to learn about Royal Canin’s large dog and giant dog formulas, and about some breed specific formulas for bigger dogs that we here at PetFlow highly recommend! 

Royal Canin’s Maxi Adult Dry Dog Food

Do you have a big dog between 56 and 100 pounds? If you said yes, this specially designed Large Dog formula from Royal Canin is perfect for your precious pet! 

Large dogs are known for their incredible working abilities and their wonderful personalities, but they also have specific nutritional needs related to their larger size and longer growth period.

What makes Royal Canin’s Maxi Dog Food So Special??

Digestive sensitivities are common in larger breeds, so Royal Canin’s specially-designed formula has highly digestible proteins to ease.

Skeletal stress is also common among larger dogs, so this awesome dry dog food has nutrients that support bone and joint health.

Royal Canin’s GIANT Adult Dry Dog Food

Specifically designed for “giant” breed dogs, or dogs weighing over 100 pounds…

Giant dogs have significantly different needs when it comes to vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Royal Canin created GIANT Adult with the biggest of the extra-big doggies in mind! This formula is ideal for dogs that weigh over 100 pounds when full grown. Perfect for Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Bloodhounds, Saint Bernards, Bull Mastiffs, and Rottweilers, Royal Canin’s expert formula for this food includes nutrients that support the complex needs of big dogs.

What makes Royal Canin’s Giant Dog Food So Special??

The sheer size of the extra-large dog commands a presence. But did you know that the giant dog is also at a higher risk of bone and joint issues and frequently suffer from digestive upset? GIANT formulas have the proper level of calcium, plus include glucosamine, chondroitin and EPA/DHA for joint health.

Extra-large dogs can have digestive issues so this formula includes highly digestible proteins and the proper blend of fermentable and non-fermentable

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