3-31-2014 10-10-35 AM

This Is One Of The Most Touching Reunions I've Ever Seen. Made Me Cry!

Molly’s U.S. soldier mama just returned home from a tour in Afghanistan, so Molly is one very happy pup! Just listen to this sweet golden retriever’s cry of happiness and it will melt your heart! These are the moments that make me beyond grateful for our troops. They sacrifice SO much at home, to fight for something so much bigger than all of us. It’s so courageous and selfless, isn’t it?! Please SHARE this beautiful reunion with your friends as a way to be thankful for brave soldier’s like Molly’s owner.

3-24-2014 4-22-45 PM

I've Never Seen A Happier Dog. All Dogs Deserve To Feel Like This!

Let’s face it, most of the time, pets have a pretty easy life.  They eat, they sleep, they get their bellies rubbed. Not bad, right?! Even though they have it pretty easy, I rarely see pets jumping for joy just to be living. That was until I came across this little jumping bean! Does he defy the laws of gravity or what?! I love seeing a pup happy just for the sake of running around and being happy. This video completely made my day. Please go ahead and SHARE it to make someone else smile.

3-13-2014 11-45-14 AM

If Getting You Dog To Take A Bath Is A Pain In YOUR Tail, You Need To See This!!!

Listen carefully until the end for a PetFlow shout out AND as a special thank you, learn the special coupon code for 15% OFF on your next PetFlow.com order!!! Please SHARE this video with all of your pet parent friends!