The Hidden Cat Killer In Your Home



Caring Cat Parents!!

These Three Simple Rules Can Save Your Cat’s Life! 

String, thread, ribbon, and yarn can cause LETHAL intestinal issues when injested by cats. Read on to learn how you can keep your cat safe! 

1. Never leave string, ribbon, yarn, or thread unattended in your home. Remember, cats are very agile and can access even the highest shelf, so be sure these lethal items are safely secured in drawers or locked cabinets!

2. Select yarn-free toys for your cat. CLICK HERE to shop PetFlow’s collection of yarn and string-free toys. 

3. If your cat should happen to swallow string, or if you suspect that your cat has swallowed string, contact your vet immediately! If you happen to see string coming out of your cat’s anus, DO NOT PULL ON IT. Contact your vet and bring your cat in right away!

Cats love to play with string, but love their 9 lives more. 

There’s a safer way to play with your cat!

Ethical Pet Spring Toys will have your cat pouncing and playing, with none of the serious risks associated with yarn or string. Also, everyone knows that cat’s love to chase red dots from laser toys, so we’ve put our super fun Laser Pointer Toy on sale just for caring cat parents like you.  Get either of these discounted toys by clicking RIGHT HERE or on the image below!

You can never be too safe with your beloved fur-baby. While you’re on our site, make sure to scoop up our brand new Pet Alert Decals. These decals should be placed on windows and doors so that emergency workers are aware of dogs and cats in your home should there ever be a fire or any kind of emergency!! CLICK HERE to order now for just $2.99.

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