The Pet food Store’s dirty little secret!


I can't look!

I can't look!

Want to know what it is?  We’ll tell you!  The pet store wants to keep you coming to the store as often as possible, because most of their profits come from sales of accessories, treats and toys for your pets.  Just think about the way the products are laid out at the store.  All the shiny squeaky toys, collars, and treats are right up front, and all of the essentials that you actually came to the store to purchase, the foods, are located in the back – often very dusty!  And how does the local store keep you coming as often as possible?  They don’t stock the largest, most economical, bag sizes of most of the popular food items, since they know that the less food you purchase, the more likely you are to return soon –  and the more often you return, the more likely you are to buy a squeaky toy and another small bag of pet food.  Well, the local Big-Box stores aren’t going to be happy about it, but pet owners all across America now have a choice, and they no longer have to play by local store’s rules.

We’ve all heard about online shopping and many of us have tried it.  Unfortunately, shopping for pet food online has not been particularly easy – largely because of the horrendously huge shipping charges that many online retailers charge for delivery of heavy pet food.  Well, there’s finally an online retailer that frees us from playing by the local stores’ rules and gives us the freedom to have all of our pet’s needs delivered right to our door, with little or no shipping charges at all. launched just last year and has since made tens of thousands of customers happy.  Why?  Let’s look at the reasons:

1) carries over 80 brands of pet foods and supplies, including premium brands like Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Fromm, EVO, California Natural, Canidae, World’s Best, Orijen, Taste of the Wild, and many more.

2) offers free shipping on orders over $59 and charges only $4.95 for any order under $59. Use code BLOG to get FREE SHIPPING!

3) allows a customer to create a delivery schedule, so that last second trips to the store are eliminated and pet foods and litter get delivered on a schedule that fits the lifestyle needs of the customer & their pets

4) allows customers to order the largest bag sizes of any particular product, and buying in larger quantities means big savings!

So, join the revolution, and visit today.  Why should you spend any more time driving to the store and lugging heavy bags – will deliver them right to your door with FedEx.  All you have to do is choose the products you need, tell how often you want them to be delivered, and sit back and enjoy!

Visit today and get FREE SHIPPING on any $59 purchases of your pet’s favorites food!

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