This Bowl Can Save Your Dog’s Life




Bloat, also known as “stomach torsion” or “twisted stomach,” is the number two killer of dogs! However, many dog moms and dads are not familiar with it or aware how serious a problem it is.

Food is one of the most important aspects of a doggy’s life, and pups are often eager to  gobble down their dinner all at once. One of the leading causes of the deadly condition of bloat is eating too fast, so a product has been developed to help slow down doggy’s eating – called the SLOW FEED BOWL. This bowl is now available in plastic and stainless steel – CLICK HERE.

The slow feed bowl  reduces the pace of your pup’s eating by making him work harder for each bite of food. Clever indentations in the bowl force your doggy to work for each bite of food, making it impossible to speed eat! 

Our customers were so impressed with the special design of this bowl, that they shared this amazing story with us on our Facebook wall, saying that they were able to increase their dog’s feeding time from 30 seconds to 2 minutes!

For a limited time, these state-of-the-art bowls price has been reduced to only $6.99 – for less than the price of two lattes, you can be sure that your pup is eating at the right pace. CLICK HERE to get a SLOW FEED BOWL for your sweetie-pie dog.

Are you a pet parent that prefers Stainless Steel? We also recommend a state of the art Stainless Steel Slow Feed Bowl:




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