This War Vet Was Losing His Will To Live – Until He Met A Dog That Renewed His Faith. Simply Incredible.


Jeff Taylor is an Iraq war veteran who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, a crippling condition that can leave lasting effects on individuals and their loved ones. Tracy, Jeff’s wife, hoped a service dog would alleviate the stresses she faced from taking care of Jeff and their children while trying to hold her family together and support their household. She felt their marriage was beginning to crumble. Watch as Jeff meets his new therapy dog named Reagan and learns to adjust to a brand new kind of life. Watching his transformation is incredible.

Because of the impact this dog has made on the Taylor family in just three months, Tracy was able to get a new job, the children have settled into their new schools and Jeff is now off most of his medications.

If this doesn’t prove the power of a dog’s love and support, nothing will.

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