Today’s Top 10 Funny Dog Gifs



Need a little boost to get you through the week?  We’ve put together the 10 funniest dog gifs of pups performing the coolest tricks.  Some of these gifs show doggies who’ve been trained by their loving pet parents, while others are clearly self-taught skills that you’re also going to love!

10.  “Shaking Hands” is a classic dog trick, but we’re obsessed with this happy doggy’s enthusiasm!

9. There’s no denying that this dancing poodle has the cutest moves in town:

8. We’re thinking that this cute puppy could play catcher for the New York Yankees – what do you think?

7.  This cute pug (or Wampug) totally deserves an Academy Award!

6.  Here’s a Pomeranian who does a remarkable impression of a bunny rabbit:

5.  We’re thinking that maybe this Bulldog should teach the Pomeranian from #6 how to do some fabulous flips…

4.  And we don’t even know what to say about this little balancing act – I think we have a real circus doggy on our hands!

3.  Is there anything more precious than a pudgy pug pushing a stroller?

2.  We could totally go for a back rub from this canine masseuse…

1. Finally, coming in at #1, we present to you the majestic Baywatch Corgi.  This little love could have easily given Pamela Anderson a run for her money back in the day!

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