Top 10 Halloween Contest Finalists!!! Dogs & Cats!



Please LIKE this post and SHARE with all of your friends! We’re gathering votes to find out the grand prize winner of our Halloween Contest. The winner get $200 of food from – so this is important. Check out the top ten entries in our contest:

Bandit looks like just the happiest prisoner pup – ever!!! To vote for Bandit, comment “A!” 

Vote “A” for Bandit the Prisoner!

On the other side of the law, here’s Officer Dogsworth who just caught a CAT BURGLAR!!! To vote for this super cute cop, comment the “B!” 

Vote “B” for this cute cop!!!

Our pets have a softer side, too! Just check out these ballerina kitties – this gives new meaning to our Cat Dancer Toy ~ LOL :)  To vote for these cuties, comment “C.”

Vote “C” for these pretty ballerina kitties! 

Three cheers for cats in Halloween costumes…no, seriously. These cheerleader cats wanna show you three cheers! To vote for these adorable fur babies, comment “D.”

Vote “D” for Cheerleader Cats!

Molly the dog is in a wheelchair, and she puts those wheels to good use on Halloween! Introducing our favorite canine biker babe – ever! To vote for this Biker Babe Doggy, comment “E!”

Vote “E” for this Biker Babe Doggy!

We also saw our fair share of pirates on the Halloween seas! SHIVER ME WHISKERS – to vote for Pirate Kitty, comment “F.”

Vote “F” for Ol’ Pirate Cat!

AHOY! Here comes another pirate from the Canine Sea….to vote for him, type “G” in the comments…

Vote “G” for Pup the Pirate!

Good thing there’s sailors like this guy out there, protecting us regular folks! To vote for Captain Kitty, COMMENT “H!”

Vote “H” for Captain Kitty!

Wait…OMG…we just spotted some real celebrities! Is that…is that…Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty?!?! To vote for Uncle Si, Comment “I.”

Vote “I” for Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty Dog!

And LOOK! Pugs N Roses!!! To vote for these rock’n’roll heroes, comment “J.”

Vote “J” for Pugs N Roses!

Don’t forget to COMMENT with your vote! We’ll tally the  votes and announce the winner tomorrow!!!

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