Top Five Strange Dog Behaviors Demystified



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Since we’ve already demystified ten strange cat behaviors, we just HAD to give our dogs some lovin’ too! No matter what breed of dog you have, how they were raised, or how old they are, there seems to be some common habits that you can’t quite explain. Whether it’s chasing tails or eating poop, we were dying to know just why dogs do what they do!

Eating Poop
Yes, it’s not the most appealing topic, but someone has to explain it! There are several reasons why dogs instinctively eat feces. If you’ve taken your pup to the vet and they’ve determined there isn’t a nutritional reason for this behavior, you may be baffled.

The fact is, in most cases, this behavior is instinctual. When dogs lived in the wild, they were forced to hide from their predators. It was easy for predators to “sniff out” puppy feces due to its high milk content, thus the mother dog would have to “clean up” the evidence. In order to avoid this behavior, it’s always important to keep your yard clean because bored dogs find entertainment in strange things… like eating poop.

Butt Sniffing
In Western culture, it’s considered good manners to shake someone’s hand upon first meeting them. In doggie culture, however, it’s all about the butt-sniffing. Dogs have two glands around their anus that tells them everything they need to know about each other. These glands emit a fluid that can help determine the dog’s sex, what their diet is like, how healthy they are, and their overall mood. A dog’s sense of smell is so strong, there is no reason for them to even look at another dog’s face… or shake paws, if you will.

Chasing Tail
Let’s face it: there’s nothing cuter than a confused dog that chases his tail. Some people think it’s because the dog doesn’t know that his tail is, in fact, attached to his body. The truth is, dogs typically chase their tail because they’re looking for someone to play with. It is completely normal for puppies to do this, but if your adult dog chases his tail regularly, then there can be several reasons why. Tail-chasing episodes can be due to behavioral, physical, or neurological issues, such as discomfort from fleas or worms. In some scenarios, the dog may even have irritated anal sacs. Neurological reasons, such as an off balance of dopamine in your dog’s body, can cause this compulsive act as well. While this behavior is cute, it’s important to realize when it’s more than just an act of playfulness and your dog is trying to get your attention.

Twirling and Plopping
You’ve seen your dog do it: that casual spin around his desired sleep area before plopping down to rest. This cute routine is actually a remnant from dog’s days in nature! Wild dogs used to have to flatten the tall grass to make a spot more comfortable to lay in, and this spin-trick was the a surefire way to flatten the grass while also making sure there weren’t any unwelcome creatures such as snakes or bugs. Yet another evolutionary leftover that makes your dog more entertaining to hang out with!

Leg Humping
Ah… that awkward moment when your dog humps a visitor’s leg! While humping is definitely a sexual behavior, it’s also a way for dogs to show who’s boss. Dogs mostly hump to show dominance and rank over doggy friends, other animals – even his owner! Even dogs that are sterilized at an early age may engage in the behavior, which shows that it’s not about necessarily a show of sexuality. Your dog wants to show you that he’s on top and deserves some respect too. WOOF!

These are just a few of the examples (and explanations) of funny things dogs do. Be sure to always listen to your dog’s needs and ask your vet for his opinion if an unusual behavior comes about.

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