Treating Anxiety in Dogs with Thundershirt


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At one point or another, many dog owners find that their pup has anxiety of some sort. Even the most confident dog can sometimes be frightened by loud noises, large crowds, separation from owners, long-distance car travel or a change in environment. Anxiety is of special concern to pet parents that have recently adopted a dog that has previously suffered abuse and is now skittish.

Although there are a wide variety of ways to treat anxiety in pets such as medicine, supplements, and yes, even acupuncture, our natural instinct is to comfort our pets by petting and holding them – and let’s face it, there’s nothing that dogs respond to better than a good, reassuring rub.

After receiving many requests to carry Thundershirt on, we put it to the test on our own pets and were amazed at the calming effect it had. In fact, according to surveys sent out by Thundershirt to 2,000 purchasers, over 80% of pet parents noticed improvement in their pet’s anxiety. Once put on your pup, Thundershirt provides a gentle, constant pressure – in fact, it’s very similar to the method parents use when swaddling an inconsolable baby.

Thundershirt’s website offers more detailed tips for using the product to treat specific types of dog anxiety such as noise anxiety, separation anxiety, leash-pulling, and more. We carry Thundershirt in seven different sizes, ranging from XXS to XXL – please see our size chart for more information on which size is right for your pup.

We look forward to hearing how Thundershirt has helped improve your dog’s anxiety!

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