What’s in your pet’s food?



Many of our customers ask us for product recommendations for their pets – and while we try to refrain from recommending specific products, here is a suggestion for how you can find top quality products:

Look through the ingredients contained in your pet’s food, and make sure that a protein is listed as the first ingredient (such as Chiken, Turkey, Salmon, Beef, etc). Many lower-end foods advertise that their products contain high quality ingredients, but they really do not, they contain just corn, protein by-products, flour, etc.

For example, take a look at these products that have no by-products:

For dogs:
Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food lists Deboned Chicken as the first ingredient.
Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Dry Dog Food lists Salmon as the first ingredient.

For cats:
EVO Turkey & Chicken Dry Cat Food lists Turkey as the first ingredient
Innova Cat and Kitten Dry cat food lists Turkey as the first ingredient.

There are many other high-quality products on our site as well, and we provide you the ingredients for every product, so do your research. You don’t eat by-products, and neither should your pets! Feeding your pets a higher quality diet will lead to prolonged life, health and lowered vet bills for your pets!

If you’re not sure what you’re feeding your pets, we suggest you look at the ingredients on the bags/cans, and if you don’t see a protein listed as the first ingredient, then you probably aren’t feeding your pets the healthiest food. So, we invite you to browse our site, and explore all the different brands and products we carry to find one that will be healthier. And, we’ll give you FREE SHIPPING on any $59 order, when you check out with the word HEALTH. We hope your pets live a healthy and long life!

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