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This Dog Was On The Verge Of Death Until An Angel Came Along! I'm So Touched And Thankful!

We are so thankful that people like Tia Torres exist. She is the star of Pit Bulls and Parolees, a hit show on Animal Planet. At heart, though, Tia is an animal lover, and has rescued, rehabilitated and given a chance to thousands of animals across the country. Here at PetFlow, we are huge supporters of Tia and the Villalobos Animal Rescue and we have donated tens of thousands of pounds of food to her cause! Please watch a clip of one of her shows below, you can catch full episodes on Animal Planet. If you’d like to donate to her rescue, please visit the PetFlow Shelter and Rescue Network.

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I'm Crying Tears Of Joy! What A Touching Reunion!

In 1969, two men rescued a lion cub from a cramped cage. They raised the lion for as long as they could, but soon, he became too big for their living space. They released him back into the wild in Africa, and were told that as time went by, he would become wild and would never remember them. Undaunted, they decided to go back to visit him, and once they found his pride, the reunion that took place is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!

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This Is The Most Popular Grandma On The Internet - I Love Grandma Betty!!

Grandma Betty is an Internet sensation! After her grandson started a social media account for her (an Instagram account, to be precise) to share her life story and her current battle with cancer, this lovable grandma started to be become very popular. Her sweet, energetic personality has made her one of the most famous grandmas on the Internet, and she has inspired thousands with her positive attitude while battling such a difficult disease.