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Ha! This Family Set Up A Hidden Camera To See What Their Cats Do. Look What Happened!

We have two cats, Milo (tabby) and Max (black). They are one year old brothers from the same litter. Milo is a big fan of the dry food, Max not so much. Despite the fact that their automatic feeder drops food 3 times daily (and we give them wet food several times per week as a special treat), Milo smashes into the feeder with his front paws 20-30 times each day in order to knock out some extra snacks. Max has never smashed the feeder.

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If You Watch This Video, You Might Help Save A Little Girl's Life. Please SHARE Her Story!!

Eliza is only four years old, but in a few more years, her active childhood might be cut short. Eliza has Sanfilippo Syndrome-Type A, a rare disease that drastically reduces a child’s quality of life before eventually taking that life all together. But Eliza’s parents want to change her future. There is a known cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome-Type A, but more funding needs to be raised, and fast, if Eliza is to benefit from it. By watching this video and sharing her story, you are helping to save this little girl’s life.