3 Things You Could Easily Forget When Training Your Dog!

Dog training can be tough! There are so many things to remember and processes you’ll want to follow in order to be successful. Generally speaking, it makes sense that some of these things will be forgotten.

Zek George training a puppy
Zak George training a Labrador Retriever Puppy

While training can be a challenge, it can also make the bond between pup and human even stronger. So, we tracked down the best dog trainer we know, Zak George, to help us all out! Zak is YouTube’s favorite dog trainer, and he’s here to explain the top 3 things most people forget when training.

1. Don’t dominate, communicate with your dog instead

Many people think you have to be dominant in order to train your dog. However, this myth has been busted, and it’s best to communicate with your dog than it is to dominate them. Teaching your dog something new through communicating, instead of dominating, results in long lasting results. With that being said, it’s always best to show your dog what you want them to do instead of just forcing them to do something. When you force a dog to do something you can expect that new skill to be short lived. By walking your dog through the steps you’re asking them to do, you’ll be sure to have better results. Communicate with your dog instead of forcing them to do something new to them. This way you’ll build a stronger foundation of trust and this will likely make future training with this same dog a lot easier.

How to talk to you dog is a key part of training your dog
Communication is key to training your dog – don’t let your dog think you’re dominating them!

2. Push to go beyond the basics

This one sounds simple but it’s commonly forgotten by many pet parents. You may think your dog only needs to know how to sit, stay, and go to the bathroom outside, right? Not the case! Go beyond the basics with your pet. Just because you think your dog only needs to know the basics, doesn’t mean you should stop there. Did you know your dog may not be content just learning everyday basic tricks? You may have a super active pup who’s likely going to catch on to sit, lie down, and leave it within just a few training sessions. However, if you don’t practice fetch, socialize your dog at the dog park, and challenge them to listen to you in densely populated areas you may end up with a dog who never really listens to you. It’s important to keep in mind that it takes about a year of hands-on training to get the results you really want. Zak George has tons of videos on his YouTube channel to check out so don’t stop at sit, lie down, and leave it! Communicate with your dog and push them beyond the basics, it will be most rewarding in the long run.

zak george dog training puppy
Train beyond normal tricks – keep your dog engaged so they don’t get bored of the basics

3. Two steps forward and ONE step back

Many pet parents claim their dog knows basic tricks but have you ever been that pet parent that went to show off those skills and your dog failed you? Well folks, it’s not their fault. When you’re teaching your dog it’s normal for them to clearly understand something new in a distraction-free zone. Put them in a new place and they can lose focus at the sight or sound of anything! As pet parents we need to understand it’s normal for our pets to forget these skills in new places or around new things. When training dogs, it’s about taking two steps forward and one step back at every level of training. Don’t be afraid of this, embrace it instead. By following this motto you’ll be much more prepared going into these types of situations.

dog on leash at park
We’ve all been that pet parent at the dog park whose dog will not listen to anything they’ve learned due to distractions and a new environment.

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