How to Celebrate Your Rescue Dog’s Birthday

If you have a pet with a birthday or a gotcha day coming up, the PetFlow team wants to help you celebrate your beloved furry friend. Since some pet parents aren’t sure the exact day their pet was born, “gotcha day” has been a term floating around to celebrate these pets. Gotcha Day is the day that your pet was adopted or rescued, sometimes also called an adoptiversary. To celebrate your pet’s birthday or Gotcha Day, we have a wide variety of products on our website to help make it a special day for you and your fur baby. 

Doggy Cakes & Treats

One of the most important parts of any birthday celebration is the cake! Since you can’t exactly give your dog a birthday cake from a human bakery, there are companies out there who have come up with some options that are completely safe for your dog to eat on its birthday. 

Lazy Dog makes a wide variety of birthday treats for your pet, including an adorable birthday pie with 10 slices so your pup can get some longevity out of this sweet snack. If you want something smaller, there are also birthday cake bites for your pup to enjoy. Of course, no birthday celebration is complete without ice cream so take a look at Lazy Dog’s make-at-home birthday cake vanilla ice cream, completely dog safe. Now your dog can have their cake and eat it too!

A pup celebrating his birthday

If you’re looking for something a little more lowkey (but still fun) for your dog’s birthday, we have a special selection of birthday-themed treats!

Bocce’s Bakery makes a very popular Birthday Cake Recipe Biscuit Treats. Don’t worry! There’s no actual birthday cake in the recipe. It’s actually made with ingredients like peanut butter, molasses, and vanilla. But to your pet, that’s better than cake! 

Presents & Toys

Now that you’ve picked out your pup’s treat, it’s time for the next important part: getting the purr-fect present for your pet. To make it a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite birthday-themed toys on our website.

Have you ever wanted to see your dog with their very own pinata? Zippy Paws makes a pinata puzzle toy that your inquisitive pup will be sure to love, working to dig out squeaky candies from this adorable toy.

For those humans and pets with an insatiable sweet tooth, check out this birthday cake dog toy.

If your dog is a fetch lover, Kong has a birthday ball for them to chase to their heart’s content.

For tug-of-war fans, Kong also has a birthday balloon rope toy for you and your pet to enjoy together. 

If your dog is in desperate need of a new collar and leash, you’re in luck! Pink Papryrus has beautiful bundle gift sets with a leash and waste bag holder.

A dog celebrates it's birthday with Pink Papyrus

Birthday Hats

For many pet parents, a fun part of having a pet is dressing them up in whatever you see fit. Lucky for you, we have a bunch of adorable little birthday outfits that you can put your pet in on their special day.

This cupcake hat is one of our favorites and is suitable for both cats and dogs. If you’re more of a party hat person, this one is a great option as well.

Happy birthday doggo

To find more fun products to celebrate your pet, hop on over to our Birthday Shop!

We hope that this blog was helpful in making your fur baby’s gotcha day or birthday a special event! For any questions about birthday products, our customer service team will be happy to help over at 1-888-316-7297. For any photos of birthday or gotcha celebrations, you’re more than welcome to tag us over on Instagram, as our team would love to see it. We wish your pets a happy birthday and thank you for choosing to celebrate with us!