Curious About a Raw Diet for Dogs? Learn All About Raw Diets!

You may have come across the idea of a raw diet for dogs. We are going to break down the benefits of feeding your four-legged friends a raw diet. People who feed their dogs a raw diet often praise their dog’s love of the food. They also feel good about providing a raw diet for dogs that replicates their natural ancestral diet. There are several health benefits when feeding dogs a raw diet, and if you’re not ready to make the leap, you can always use your raw food as a topper to your dry! 

Raw Diet for Dogs? Delicious…

Raw diets for dogs are irresistible
Dogs (and cats) find raw diets irresistible!

Many customers tout their dog’s love of raw food. Even people who thought their dogs loved their conventional kibble were shocked to see how much joy their dogs got from a raw diet. While this love is in part due to the fact that raw diets for dogs are more natural for dogs, it is also because of the great ingredients.

My dog gobbles these up and stands there wanting more. I like the fact that I can give as food or as a very healthy treat (broken in half).

-Rallycav speaking about Stella and Chewy’s

When you have a raw diet, there is no opportunity to hide filler ingredients. Most raw diets for dogs have very short and clear ingredient lists, much like your own grocery list! If our stomachs were adapted to eat raw meat, many of these raw dog food diets would be fit for our own consumption! Fortunately, dogs have stomachs that can not only tolerate raw meat, but are specifically built for consuming raw meat. Another reason why feeding your dogs a raw diet could makes sense.

…And Nutritious

Raw diet for dogs helps skin and coat!
Raw diets for dogs can really help your dog’s skin and coat!

In addition to the taste and naturalness of a raw diet for dogs, there is also a great benefit in the amount of nutrients present. We know that raw diets have great ingredient lists; this is because foods cooked at extremely high temperatures lose many if not all of their nutrients. Raw diets don’t use heat, so all the nutrients stay locked in the individual ingredients. Pet parents who fed a raw diet were shocked at how fast their dog’s coat changed from dull to shiny. 

You might not know, but many dogs suffer from food related allergies. Flaky, dry, and itchy skin, dull coats, and ear infections are just some of the ways food allergies affect dogs. While these problems might not be life-threatening, your dog’s life could drastically improve just by switching diets. Due to the limited ingredients in raw diets, you can be sure your dog won’t suffer from allergy related problems. The nutrients and ingredients in your dog’s food play a big part in their overall health and happiness.

I have a three and a half year old rescue red nose pit. When we got her her coat was very dull and her skin was flaky, but her skin cleared up in less then two weeks!! Her coat is nice and shiny and she has no flakes. I would recommend this food to anyone!! It’s worth every penny.

– Nichole speaking about Merrick Backcountry Raw

There are several different kinds of raw diet for dogs, so explore the many options here. Remember when transitioning your dog’s food you should only add a little of the new food each day. If the price seems too much to stomach (pun intended), try using raw food as a convenient topper to your pup’s kibble. Trust us, they’ll thank you for it 🙂

Let us know if your dog likes raw diets! If you have any questions about raw diets for dogs, ask them in the comments!