Halo Garden of Vegan Dog Food

Manny the french bulldog smiling next to his garden of vegan pet food

Dog food is constantly evolving as a result of pet parents educating themselves and focusing more and more on their pet’s health. Vegan dog food is a rising trend among pet parents who are looking to eliminate allergies or they simply want to align their pet’s lifestyle with their own. Halo listened to the needs of their customers by creating a vegan dog food called the Garden of Vegan. It’s an excellent alternative for protein-sensitive dogs because it does not contain any meat, dairy, rice, corn, or wheat, however, it does contain digestible carbohydrates and fiber from ingredients like pearled barley, potatoes, sweet potatoes, blueberries, carrots, and more! Dogs are omnivores which means they can get their nutrients from either plant or animal proteins. With Halo’s Garden of Vegan® recipes, dogs are provided another option instead of a meat-based diet. Halo’s recipes are made with chickpeas, grains, nourishing plant oils, Vitamin D2 supplement, and only non-GMO fruits and veggies.

Why would I need a Vegan Dog Food?

Having the option of a Vegan dog food is crucial for many families who live a vegan lifestyle. Many people reach out to our team at PetFlow asking how they can transition their dogs to a meatless diet. Fortunately, Halo’s Garden of Vegan line now makes this possible without forfeiting any nutrients our dogs need to thrive.It can also add some excitement to your pets’ existing food, for some extra protein from plant-based items!

manny the frenchie with his favorite meatless monday meal from Halo
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People will also seek out vegan pet food if their dog is experiencing food allergies. While testing different options for dog food, it’s best to try a food such as Halo’s Garden of Vegan which eliminates all animal-proteins. By removing these proteins you’re able to slowly reintroduce animal-based proteins into your pet’s diet to help pinpoint the actual allergen.

Halo’s commitment to using only high-quality ingredients is unmatched which is what sets this particular food apart from other vegan dog food options. They are so meticulous with their ingredients that their fruit and vegetable farmers only use Non-GMO seeds. As you can see in the chart below, Non-GMO Peas are used as the first ingredient in their Vegan line. It’s common that brands will use brown rice and grains as the first ingredient which is not ideal for any pet, which is why Halo uses peas as the first source of protein. It’s important to understand the difference between dried peas and regular peas. Even though Brand Y contains peas, they are dried peas which means they lose a lot of nutritional value once they’ve been put through the drying process.

Halo Garden of Vegan Comparison Chart

Halo Garden of Vegan Ingredients:

  • A vegan blend of chickpeas, garden vegetables, and nourishing oils
  • Great for protein-sensitive dogs because it contains no meat, dairy, corn, or wheat
  • No rice; completely plant-based protein from whole grains, green peas, and chickpeas
  • Complete and balanced, easily digestible, meat-free nutrition for adult dogs
  • A source of additional hydration
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • BPA-free cans

Review from a happy customer:

Review of a cutomer who buys vegan pet food from PetFlow

Don’t stop at just a new food, try the Halo Garden of Vegan treats too!

If your dog loves the Garden of Vegan food, remember Halo has treats in their Garden of Vegan line too! Below is the newest selection from Halo – made with sweet potato, carrot, and quinoa!

Why we love them:

Garden of Vegan treats

  • Great for protein sensitive dogs—contains no meat, dairy, corn, or wheat
  • Grain-free cookie-shaped dog treats with non-GMO vegetables
  • Protein from quinoa and chickpeas
  • Low fat, crunchy, baked, natural vegan dog treats
  • No rice, or artificial colors, or flavors. No corn, fillers, or added sugars!
  • Healthfully prepared nutritious snack with an aroma and taste your dog will love
  • Nutritional calories, not empty ones