How Collagen Can Improve Your Dog’s Health

Collagen has become a key ingredient in keeping your dog’s health on the right track! Proven to beautify skin and coats along with preventing hip and joint pain, collagen is the best-kept secret to a healthy pup.

Dog raises paws for Collagen Care.

What is collagen?

Collagen is not just a trendy ingredient. It is the primary protein in a dog’s connective tissue, skin and bones. In fact, collagen makes up 30% of the total protein in their body, also holding 70% of the total protein in their skin and coat alone!

There are three types of collagen found in a dog’s body. All three are equally important, but work for different types of bodily functions. Type I & III are excellent for maintaining healthy skin muscles and bones. Type II has been found to help joint and cartilage function.  As dog’s age, their bodies lose the ability to continue to make collagen – but the good news is supplementation can help replace it.

How can collagen help my dog’s skin/coat?

When it comes to your dog’s coat, collagen works to rebuild any dead or damaged cells. This creates a constant growth of skin cells and hair follicles to support a healthy, shiny, lustrous and full coat, along with healthy skin!

The Missing Link’s Collagen Care for Skin & Coat has a specialized formula including Type I & III collagen to support a healthy coat. Through the power of collagen, ground flax seed, fish oil and coconut oil, these chews will help revitalize your dog’s dry, itchy and dull coat issues.

Collagen Care on Corgi's backside.

Can collagen help and prevent joint pain in my dog?

It is very common for dogs to develop arthritis or hip dysplasia. This can depend on your dog’s age, breed, and genetic history.

Collagen has proven to help reduce inflammation that these conditions can cause.

Supplements like The Missing Link’s Collagen Care for Hips & Joints provide your dog’s body with essential amino acids for bone strength and elasticity, helping maintain cartilage and connective tissue, along with supporting a healthy anti-inflammatory response.

 Does collagen provide a calming effect in dogs?

Along with the numerous benefits mentioned earlier, collagen can be combined with other calming ingredients to soothe your dog during stressful situations.

Whether it be anxiety due to loud noises or gastric distress, The Missing Link’s Collagen Care for Calm & Focus will help your dog cope!

Their recipe is great for anxious animals or dogs that have sleeping problems. Including Type I & III collagen, the Calm & Focus recipe includes probiotics to help soothe gastric distress, chamomile to promote relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness and more!

Collagen Care dog treat fed to fluffy dog.

Please consult your veterinarian about any health concerns before altering your pet’s diet.

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