How to Care for a Shedding Dog

We’ve all met a shedding dog that seems to lose a handful of fur the second you pet it. As much of an annoyance as it is for us Pet Parents, dogs naturally lose old or damaged hair by shedding. There’s no magic fix to stopping a healthy dog from normal shedding. But, we’re going to share some tips to save your home from the inevitable hairpocalypse coming your way.

Brushing A Shedding Dog

Rajah is certainly a shedding dog
Rajah is certainly a shedding dog but she loves getting brushed!

First one seems easy enough, brush your dog! If you have a double coated furbaby, brushing them daily will dramatically reduce the amount of hair that ends up around your home. Make sure that you’re using a brush designed for your dog’s hair type. For example, an undercoat brush is ideal for shedding dogs with double coats. There are even brushes specifically designed for puppies. If you’re just beginning your brushing routine, be sure to be gentle while your dog gets used to it. You might want to have some treats or toys on hand if your dog has a hard time being brushed.

Diets for A Shedding Dog

Your furbabies coat is a direct reflection of what they eat. Feeding a high quality protein-rich food will help keep a healthy coat and reduce shedding. Adding a salmon oil supplement or chew to their diet will further help strengthen their coat and reduce shedding. As an added bonus, your fur legged loved one will think they’re getting a yummy treat! My Rajah Bear goes crazy for her Salmon Oil Chews.

Daily Cleaning with a Shedding Dog

Rajah looks so cute!
Rajah looks so cute after enjoying a brushing!

Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the crazy gene that makes you enjoy vacuuming. So I invested in the next best thing, a robotic vacuum. It’s very important to vacuum on a regular basis. Freshly shed hair is worlds easier to clean up. The longer you let it sit the more it will work itself into your carpet and upholstery.

No matter how much our best friends shed, we will always love them. But, I hope that these shedding tips and tricks will make your life easier, and your dog’s life healthier!

If you have a shedding dog tip or question, leave a comment below!


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