How to Protect Dog Paws During the Winter

We are in the height of winter! Whether your backyard or local dog park is covered with snow or just frozen ground, caring for your dog’s paws is crucial during the winter. Dog paws can suffer a great deal in the winter so it’s important to give them some extra tlc.

Dog Paws and Snowy Sidewalks

Do you live in an area where your dogs walk mainly on sidewalks? If so, you need to be extra careful about salt or chemicals. Ice is obviously dangerous, but the salt or chemicals used to melt the ice can be even more harmful to dog paws. Even though dogs are used to walking on hard and even abrasive surfaces, the salt and chemicals can burn even the toughest paws. If your sidewalks are salted, Paw Savers are a very easy way to help protect dog paws. All you need to do is stick them to your dog’s paws and your dog will be protected from salt, pebbles, and ice! Plus, Pet Savers provide support and cushion for your dog’s joints with 1/16th of an inch of foam.

Snowy sidewalks and dog paws
@mariaartim knows caring for dog paws during the winter can be difficult

Snowballs Instead of Dog Paws?

An alternative to Paw Savers are Pawz Dog Boots. Not only do they protect your dog’s entire paw, they can also help snow clumps from forming. A lot of non-shedding dogs get snow and ice clumps stuck in their paw fur while gallivanting through winter wonderlands. This can be very annoying to your dog and cause them to chew their paws. Once your dog begins to chew their paws, some of the snow begins to melt. This wet snow then collects more snow, causing your dog’s fur to get more entangled in the snowball. Pawz Dog Boots will help greatly by protecting your dog’s fur from the snow.

Snowballs instead of dog paws?
@jasperdogpdx has snowballs for dog paws!

Wintertime Dog Paws

Just like human skin, your dog’s paws can become dry and cracked in the winter. And, keeping dog paws moisturized can be a difficult task. Moisturizers like Vaseline and Bag Balm can help prevent and heal dry dog paws. However, both of these remedies pose a few problems. The first is that, my dogs at least, find both Vaseline and Bag Balm to be quite tasty. Second, it’s hard to find a time when my dogs aren’t going to track goop all over the house. But, with the right tools, you can keep your dog’s paws moisturized without the hassle.

Pawz Dog Boots allow your dog to walk around with ease without leaving moisturizer all over the floor, and your dog won’t be able to lick the moisturizer off. Just rub a thin layer of moisturizer on your dog’s paw and then slip on the Pawz Dog Boots. If your dog has hard time while putting on the boots try stretching the boot over a drinking glass. This way, when your dog places a paw in the glass, the boot will go over the dog paw without any stretching or pulling.

We hope that all of these tips and tricks for dealing with winter dog paws will help you and your furry friends enjoy the winter months.

Let us know your tips and tricks for dog care during the winter! Or let us know if you have a winter dog care questions!


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  1. Winter can be tough on our dog’s feet but good grooming and protecting the paws by using a balm or booties will go a long way to keeping your dog’s feet healthy.

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