How to Treat Seasonal Allergies in Dogs

Let’s face it: allergy season is simply the worst… for owners and their pets! 

For humans, seasonal allergies occur when the temperature changes and we are exposed to more pollen than usual. This can cause itchiness, runny noses, sneezing and even watery eyes. But did you know that dogs suffer from seasonal allergies as well? 

Dogs can experience some of the same symptoms humans do when it comes to allergies. But how can you tell if it’s seasonal and how can you help your pet? 

Dry & Itchy Skin

According to the American Kennel Club, one of the most common allergy symptoms in dogs is itchy skin. 

If you notice your dog scratching themselves more than usual, seasonal allergies may be the prime suspect. Seasonal pollen, dust, and mold can all cause dogs to be itchy in spots like their paws, ears, groin and eyes. 

The good news is that there are many ways to treat this! One solution is using hypo-allergenic grooming products. 

For example, Earthbath makes hypo-allergenic shampoo for dogs and cats! It cleanses your dog thoroughly and safely, but will not irritate their skin. 

Finish off their spa day with an anti-itch spray, such as Burt’s Bees Natural Soothing Spray. Their formula includes honeysuckle, which has a natural ability to help ease irritation in your dog. It’s 100% safe, free of fragrances, sulfates, colorants or harsh chemicals. 

If your pup is also experiencing a dry nose or paws from their seasonal allergies, try kin+kind Organic Nose & Paw Moisturizer Stick. It’s all-natural and is easy to roll-on softly to your dog’s dry spots!

Ear Infections

Seasonal allergies may also be the cause of your pup’s ear pain! If your dog is itching their ears or if they yelp when you touch their ears, odds are they have an infection. 

Ear infections are common for dogs during allergy season. A dog’s ear is made with a natural balance of yeast and bacteria. So when pollen and dust get into your pup’s ear, it’s no wonder that balance is disrupted. 

You can typically help flush your dog’s ear infection with approved cleaners. 

For example, Pure Love Ear Cleaning Solution II is specially made to deodorize, gently clean and stabilize the infection. It’s also slightly scented to help with the yeasty infection smell your dog might have!  

If your dog’s infection does not improve with ear cleaning product, please see your veterinarian for further instruction. 

Preventing Seasonal Allergies

The best way you can help your pet with their allergies is to prevent them! This stops the symptoms from even developing come pollen season. There are a plethora of treats, supplements and treatments to give your dog the vitamins they need to stop allergies in their tracks. 

Zesty Paws offers Chicken Flavor Multivitamin Bites that help with skin & coat, hip & joint, digestion, heart health & immune system. Their Turmeric Curcumin Bites also help with strengthening your dog’s immune system to prepare for allergy season! 

To help your dog’s skin & coat stay shiny through allergy season, Side by Side also provides a Shine Through Supplement. The supplement uses ingredients like Evening Primrose Oil and Lycium Berry to keep your dog’s coat soft and silky. 

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For any questions about seasonal allergies, supplements, grooming and anything else, feel free to reach out to our team of dedicated pet parents at 1-888-316-7297.